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Human resource department in both small and large businesses are responsible for completing a plethora of tasks. Today, many companies rely on enterprise content management software to help human resource managers to reduce the amount of time in managing HR processes and systems more efficiently. Human resources management professionals are increasingly relying on a combination of enterprise HCM software with automation to make their department more efficient and to save time and money.

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  • Employee File Management System [AniaazDoc]

Instead of chasing down paper files or searching across multiple systems, AniaazDoc Employee File Management makes it simple for HR to actively manage documents efficiently and compliantly. Create, store, access, share, and archive employee files in one secure place, accessible on any device and available wherever you are.

AniaazDoc Employee File Management enables you to actively manage HR documents from a central location, enabling compliance, security, and speed.

  • Increase HR Productivity
  • Simplify daily HR tasks, such as sorting and searching for documents, as well as routing documents for review, signature and acknowledgement.

  • Proactively Manage HR Compliance

Quickly view missing documents or documents about to expire, and easily request these from your employees. Audit trails help you track who stored, moved, shared, or deleted files.

AniaazDoc’s HR Compliance Assist service is a one-stop online shop to help HR leaders manage HR compliance and reduce employee data privacy risks and statutory compliance risks.

  • Quickly and Securely Access Documents
  • Access employee files anytime, anywhere from a centralized digital file solution, providing one source of truth. Documents generated in AniaazDoc, your HRIS, or other HR systems automatically flow into the employee file. Paper documents can also be scanned and uploaded into an employee file.

  • A Complete Solution
  • Files don’t create themselves. Any documents generated as part of an automated process or from an employee request in case management are automatically sent to the right employee folder with the proper tags. The format and functioning of a statutory compliance can broadly be combined as – authorized, fixed and established by statute. These benefits vary from shops and establishment act, PF, ESI, working hours to maternal leaves and so on.

      This module also takes care of employee attendance management system as well, integrating with biometric assess system and would give input to the payroll software.

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Process Automation

HR Automation

Human resource management is an essential part of every company. Whether it’s hiring new employees, training, or ensuring that local labour laws are complied with, HR processes are a vital part of every company. But HR has usually been thought of as a highly manual department process. They are used to rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done themselves. But all that’s changing fast.

Automation is invading the HR space, and very soon everything that can be automated, will be automated. Current HR staff need to adapt to the coming changes or get left behind in the dust

What Is HR Automation?

HR automation is the process of enhancing the efficiency of the HR department by freeing employees from tedious manual tasks and allowing them to focus on complex tasks like decision making and strategizing. By automating standard and repetitive HR activities, organizations can reduce the cost and time they spend on manual HR planning and processing.

Popular HR Processes for Automation

We’ve been talking about human resource management and processes that should be automated. But what are the processes that HR department use? Which is their best bet?

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee onboarding is one of the most manual HR processes. It includes collecting documents for verification, giving tool access to new hires, raising device requests, and more. But all of this can be done automatically, using the onboarding mobile application.

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    Employee onboarding app offers an easy checklist that can be referred by all users in the process. Using this, documents can be collected electronically, devices can be delivered without waiting around for IT staff to arrive, and tool access takes mere hours, not weeks.

  • Employee Timesheets
  • Tracking timesheets manually is inefficient, to say the least. With an automated timesheet app, solutions let you track and manage employee timesheets automatically, making the process faster and more accurate.

  • Leave Requests
  • Calculating and approving leaves manually is problematic, since HR staff must check the leave balance, get a manager approval, and record the leave for payroll calculation as well. With an automated leave management process, all of this can be done automatically, without having leave requests stuck in someone’s inbox, lost in a sea of emails.

  • Performance Management
  • The performance management is a dynamic HR process that tracks, measures, and analyses an employee’s performance by aligning it with business goals. An automated performance management software streamlines the process, keeps it bias-free, ensures accurate decision making, and makes it memorable for both employers and employees.

  • Exit Interviews
  • Exit interviews play a significant role improving employee engagement. But paper-based, manual exit interview are tedious, time-consuming, and ineffective. By introducing human resource automation into the exit interview process, organizations can identify potential problems and retrieve actionable data to improve employee retention without sifting through mountains of paperwork.

  • Training administration
  • When HR function goes for automating Training process, employees can self-manage their training requests and management can review the training hours each employees spent and its effectiveness.

Platform Service

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Recruitment Management System

AniaazHire is an integrated recruitmen software which is a centralized tool for managing the candidate sourcing, evaluation, and hiring process from start to finish. Some common features include job board posting, application tracking (ATS), candidate management, internal career sites, interview tools, offer management, candidate engagement and analytics.

A recruitment software is the company’s digital hub for hiring. It allows an organization to centralize their recruitment database by housing all information on candidates, job openings, and placements.

AniaazHire include a website where candidates can complete customizable online applications. Once forms are completed, resumes are automatically parsed and screened according to previously determined keywords. Then qualified applicants are saved in the database for future reference. AniaazHire systems integrate with calendars to automatically coordinate interview scheduling. Offer letters and other document templates can be created to save time, and some systems may also provide background checks or verify paperwork during the onboarding process. The following are key components that a modern applicant tracking system will offer:

  • Career site:
    A brandable portal featuring job openings, customized input forms, pre-screening questions, and automated resume screening, ranking, and e-mail notifications. A good ATS also includes an internal portal where employees can view job postings, apply, or refer outside candidates.
  • Advanced search:
    Powerful search and sorting features allow recruiters to quickly search for candidates with specific keywords, phrases, and skills or experience.
  • Applicant tracking (ATS):
    This includes the ability to upload files, documents, and additional information to a candidate’s CV. Assessment tools and reference checking are important components of this function, and some vendors may refer to the overall aspect of organizing applicant communications as “candidate relationship management”.
  • Interview tools:
    Along with automatic interview scheduling, video interviewing is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Analytics:
    A paperless recruiting process allows you gather, store, and generate reports to help you pinpoint bottlenecks in your hiring process. You can track your social sourcing efforts, career site engagement, and even manage advertising campaigns.