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How we can be a differentiator in the executive search?

Our consultants have deep domain knowledge, to an extent that we often get a call from our clients for market information and insights. We are very clear – partnering with our client’s success. As mentioned in our logo, “accountability… all the way” is what finally summarizes our relationship (partnership) with our clients.

Often client’s needs for talent require a brainstorming to identify the true needs for talent, before executing the search assignment. We can thoroughly search out the very best candidates regardless of where they may be or how invisible they are. And, we have the required experience to evaluate more than a hundred prospective candidates and select the two or three who would be the best fit for our clients, both in terms of performance and cultural fit.

We counsel our clients in handling candidates from the first telephone contact to the interviews and all the other steps until the executive is in place. At the same level, we also counsel the selected candidate in extricating himself smoothly from his present organization and community and in establishing himself in his new position.

And last, but certainly not the least, the ability to smoothen out any problems for either the organization or the new executive during the beginning phase of their new relationship.

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Our Leadership Hiring Process

Submit Vacancy and holding Launch Meeting.

Meet with your Aniaaz Consultant to brief on the business context of looking for new talent and what kind of competencies and experience level that you think will be right fit for the organization.

Creating Position and Candidate Specification

We draft a description of the position, detailing its reporting relationships, responsibilities, and objectives. The candidate specification details core competencies, preferred experience, and soft skills — the personal qualities that sought in the ideal candidate.

Setting Search Strategy

We develop a strategy targeting companies most likely to yield a successful candidate, including the initial list of target companies. The strategy considers the level and scope of comparable roles as well as other key data points: office location, corporate culture, and each company’s ranking.

Querying Sources

We sound our sound network of sources for candidate referrals and calibrations. Our sources include professional associations, other relevant groups and our candidate database. Prospects that meet the requirements of the role are added to the initial list of prospects.

Qualifying Prospects

We contact prospective candidates to determine whether they meet the primary requirements of the role and gathers details on the candidate’s motivations — what it would take for that candidate to make a move to a new company.

Interviewing And Pre-Referencing Top Prospects

We conduct deep-dive interviews and evaluate top prospective candidates through the career history. Our consultant evaluates the candidate against the candidate specification through in-depth, in-person or video-conference interviews. Those who are not a fit are closed out.

Writing Candidate Profile

Our consultant presents to the client a written Candidate profile, a report that details the candidate’s education, career history, and achievement as well as an analysis and appraisal of the candidate strengths and weaknesses and appropriateness for the position. The report also highlights any key motivators, issues, and deal-making details essential to closing the candidate.

Presenting Candidates And Tracking Progress

Our consultant presents candidates to client. Working closely with the client, the list is refined to a step of 3 to 6 strong contenders for the client to meet. Client-candidate meetings are then scheduled.

Scheduling Client Interviews

Our consultant will facilitate client interviews of the candidates scheduled to select down the two or three finalists. Those that are eliminated are closed out.

Checking References

Our consultant checks the candidate’s references, contacting the contacts provided by the candidate as well as other sources available with us. Our team makes every effort to ensure discretion and confidentiality. Verification of employment and academic credentials is often performed by third-party services.

Extending Offer

When a final candidate is selected, our consultant works closely with the client and candidate to position the offer with the candidate, and to negotiate a package that is agreeable to both parties.

Closing The Candidate And Search

Our consultant closes the candidate when the executive accepts the offer, agreeing to join the company and hand-hold him until the candidate joins the client organization. Our consultant then closes out the engagement by thanking those involved for a successful outcome and also share a brief presentation about the search engagements, with the client.